Meet Adam aka TZ. Deejay, singer and the man behind Subsound

Clunk Clare and I sit with a glass of Shiraz awaiting the arrival of Adam. He is a little late, enough for the first glass to be emptied before his arrival. There is only Clare and I in the upstairs room of Hell Below. Adam arrives. First impressions are that this fella is friendly, it’s written in his face, and has stacks of energy and enthusiasm. I know of him through Clare. After introductions Adam confirms that he is a DJ, he also tells me that he is a singer. He goes under different names for each role, TZ the DJ and Adam Teasdale the singer. Adam Djs not just around Carlisle, he’s been on travels, ‘ I was DJing last summer in Finland. I was there for a week, that was a pretty mad experience. I should be going back within the next two years.’ The singing career is also busy, performing on others recording sessions. But these are not the only strings to Adams bow. He also runs his own record label. It’s called subsounds which explains his subsound tee-shirt. ‘We represent House, Garage, UK Grime…….we cover all UK underground genres. We’ve put out 86 free downloads, we’ve done four compilations with between 12 and 20 odd artists on, we’ve done 3 solo EPs with artists. We are also doing merchandise as well, though this is still in the testing phase. I want the tee-shirts to be a brand rather than just a cheapy tee-shirt. While I’m developing the label I’m also working on the merchandise in my spare time, with a friend who does printing. It’s about keeping it local and having friends involved’. The next step for Adam is to find a building for recording Studio.  Watch this space and check out the stuff on Subsounds on the links below.

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