Damn Jackals latest

Check out Damn Jackals track ‘Swoon’. It’s out today,It’s fun and Punky. Jump around if you want! Then get into the Rivals EP on July 15th.

The American Songwriter featured Lead single “Lovely Nuthin’” – a 60’s styled doo-wop bop that is drenched in proto-punk flavor. With its Strokes-gone-surfing harmonizing guitars and crisp crooning from lead singer Beau Croxton, “Lovely Nuthin’ ” sets a smooth and fashionable entrance for the Rivals EP as their catchiest tune to date. The eruptive 60’s chorus harkens back to the likes of T. rex with its multi-octave guitar riffing. “Lovely Nuthin'” is an infectious dance party number with audiences at their live shows.

Their second track “Swoon” brings sass and stomp similar to Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon” and is as raucous as the fuzz-punk of Amyl & the Sniffers. Swoon turns up the volume to highlight Damn Jackals’ specialty: robotic-staccato rock. It sways with a punk persistence and allows all three Jackals’ guitarists to flaunt explosively fuzzy leads and harmonic relentlessness.  The lyrics call out to the listener by implying  “having actions to back up your strong words”  is an important and attractive quality in our modern (environmental and political) state.  A fiery solo by guitarist Maximus Motchan brings an energetic crescendo that sets up the last track perfectly.

The Rivals EP marks Damn Jackals’ first vinyl release, and it is an energetic stylistic update that demonstrates the variety, energy and potency of Damn Jackals’ sound.  Conceptually and lyrically, each song on Rivals displays many different traits that can become our own “Rivals” by working against ourselves – such as vanity, addiction, pompous pride, greed and self righteousness. Although Rivals is brief – It is a current mission statement and a solid sonic taste of what’s to come from the band in the future as they work on their next full length album.

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