Uma Bloo new single ‘Marguerite’s Novels’ is out now!

The new single from Uma Bloo, the project of Molly Madden, is out now. It’s called ‘Marguerite’s Novels’. This is another taster, following ‘Never Know Me’, for the forthcoming album ‘Don’t Drive Into The Smoke’, available on March 23rd via Earth Libraries. We are looking forward to hearing the album on the strength of the two singles so far.

Speaking on the track, bassist Luke Blanco wrote: 
“It may just be the name, but it is absolutely not a misnomer. This song is the sonic equivalent of finding a dusty book, unearthing it for the first time in 30 years. You used to love this book and fall into a romantic sense of nostalgia upon reading the opening paragraph. The verses and their staccato instrumentation are reminiscent of a plucked string section, conjuring up images of Victorian times, a time where you could only read the novel by candlelight. The final outro of the song, the most passionate and intense affair on the album, strikes a tear as it falls onto the yellowing pages.”

“The death of anything (a body, a relationship, a career, a core belief, etc) is nothing to fear,” he continued. “Death isn’t something we fully understand, but at least within the realm of the living endings aren’t anything but a catalyst for transformation.
 “The best way to describe this song? It is a salute, in both sound and message. Sound, in the marching rhythms and triumphal riffs fanfaring the chorus. Message, in the unyielding, headstrong lyrics and their manifesto of resoluteness, individuality, and self-reliance. All of this comes to a crescendo in the bridge, an almost cacophonous affair not unlike bombs going off or helicopters flying overhead, only to resolve itself in the final movement, a moment of victory. A moment of celebration.”
Don’t Drive Into the Smoke – TRACKLISTING
1. Never Know Me
2. Annie
3. Marguerite’s Novels
4. Coming Home
5. Strange Actress
6. Your Pussycat
7. Was I Ever
8. The Actor’s Last Question
9. Don’t Drive Into the Smoke
10. To Be Vast
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