Porridge Radio. A brief chat with Dana before tonight's Marc Riley session.

Debut album Out next month

Hi Dana, welcome back to the Clunk universe


You have a rather busy few months ahead. Will this be your first trip to the USA?

Yes! We’ve never played outside of Europe before!

It’s a big deal to get to showcase Porridge Radio at the SXSW festival. How many shows are you playing? Lots of interviews? Any bands you intend to check out?

I think about 200? In our down time I will probably be asleep

Will you get a chance to look around any of the places that you are playing? Anywhere in particular that you really want to see?

I hope so, I’m excited to go to LA, but there’s loads of places we’re excited to go.

Will you be carrying any reading with you on tour for those quiet moments?

My plan is to bring a sketchbook and try to draw as much as possible.

You are in session next week on the Marc Riley show. How important is 6music to bands trying to get their music to a national audience?

6music are great and I’ve discovered loads of great music through them so it’s amazing to be so supported by them.

The new album Every Bad is released on March 13th. Who drew the artwork…..are you a fan of snakes?

I painted the artwork! I love a snake.

Can you tell us what were the inspirations for the songs on Every Bad?

The inspiration for the songs came from everywhere, I always tend to write from my own experience.

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. Looking forward to the album landing on the doorstep. Have a great time on your travels!


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