Matchbox Classics (40 years in a short story)

Matchbox Classics…………a brief overview

Once upon a time, way back in the mists of time, there were two bands from the Carlisle area that got together to make a record. Those bands were The Limps and The Unsupported. The eight members plus a couple of mates chucked fifty quid each into the pot and headed off to Hull to a recording studio. 500 copies were produced of the split EP, 2 songs each, and Matchbox Classics was born, the name replacing an original idea of ‘Fag Packet Classics, after all this was post punk Britain. The EP was called ‘Opposite Sides’. The year was 1979.

‘Opposite Sides’ sold out, making enough money for a second. The third EP on Matchbox Classics was a collection of bands from the Carlisle punk scene, entitled 8 from 80. The late, great John Peel played a track from ‘Opposite Sides’ and then played all 8 songs from 8 from 80, four on one night then four the next night.

To be continued ………………….

Look out for more on the story of Matchbox Classics in the next issue, sometime in early 2019, when CLUNK hopes to get it straight from the horse’s mouths!

A Matchbox Classics release by Combo Zombo. Take a look at the MC discography.
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