Bilge Pump….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview with Joe

We Love You……Great record

Hi Bilge Pump and welcome to the Clunk Universe!

Please can you tell us who does what in the band and how and when you guys got started as Bilge Pump.

Emlyn Jones plays bass and sings. Neil Turpin plays drums, Joe O’Sullivan plays guitar. We first started way back in 1994 with me (Joe) and Emlyn and a drum machine. Having a drum machine, we were pretty shit live (once you get out of time, it’s impossible to get back, especially if just going through a vocal PA with no monitors). Neil saw us, felt sorry for us and asked if he could play drums for us. We accepted. That was in about 1995.

Bilge Pump is a great name. Do any of you have experience of boats and bilge pumps or did you just think ‘mmm, that’s a great name for our band?

Emlyn had always wanted to be in a band called Bilge Pump, but nobody had ever let him before. It was better than my band name suggestion. As for experience, I have enjoyed the occasional boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads. We also recently stayed on a fans canal boat after a gig in London, the owner took a photo of us with the bilge pump.

We Love You is a cracking record, it’s around 10 years since the last album. What have you folks been up to?

We like to take our time and not rush things. The songs were all written after about five years, then we recorded them kind of bit by bit. We did the drums and bass in a friends studio, then I slowly recorded the guitar parts in my shed at home and Emlyn recorded

the vocals in his attic room. Eventually we slotted it all together and it surprisingly sounded ok.

Could you tell us about the album cover. Looks like a cute kid with attitude.

It’s a friend of ours called Claire from when she was young, who also plays in bands. She was in the band Beards and has a newish band called Nape Neck. She’s still full of attitude.

Your sound has been shoved into all sorts of made up pigeon holing genres………post-punk, noise rock, experimental rock, avantrock etc. etc. etc. but I reckon it’s a great dance record. What d’ya think of that?

Yours sounds like a great description. If people ask me what we sound like I just say it’s a bit noisy but kind of catchy. People then generally ask if we sound like Green Day or something. It’s why I try to avoid talking about it. A taxi driver who recently drove us to Glasgow after our van broke down (long story) asked if we sounded like Led Zeppelin or the Sex Pistols? We said somewhere in the middle.

The new record fits in nicely with the great stuff around at the moment, such as Working Men’s Club, Snapped Ankles, Squid to name but a few. Got any current faves?

Seen Porridge Radio a couple of times recently, really enjoyed them, Emlyn even bought a shirt! ILL are an excellent band, so we’re pleased to be playing with them again. Not seen Snapped Ankles yet, one day hopefully. Another fave of ours are Rattle from Nottingham who are always amazing live!

Thanks folks. Really looking forward to a couple of hours of boogeying to Bilge Pump and ILL. See ya down the front!

See you down the front of Preston indeed!!!!!

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