The Crucifixion of Eric Schroeder

Eric Schroeder’s third full length album ‘the crucifixion of Eric Schroeder’ is a collection of heartfelt and heavy songs about the pitfalls and victories of an American kid. The album opens with “Be Alone,” a hard hitting overdriven rock anthem about the fear of loneliness. This is followed by “Another Fight,” an equally catchy and memorable track with the charm of an early CCR hit. Schroeder has a diverse array of influences and this record reveals that, particularly on the track “Morning Saver.” With it’s lush and subdued organ, mellow rim tapping drums and a complicated story, it is akin to the sounds you’d hear on Mazzy Star or Mojave 3 track. The album really picks up with the Melodic Punk number “The War on my Mind,” the dark and powerful climax of this project. The album concludes with the stripped down acoustic tune “Drunk on the Beach” where Schroeder does what he does best, brings us a catchy and poetic song that doesn’t require anything except a man and a guitar. The core element of Schroeder’s music that keeps one listening is his unique storytelling ability, often explored through metaphors, but sometimes said very bluntly. Schroeder’s music is also a rejection of the fashionable commodified lens that so often we see music through. He’s not trying to curate an aesthetic with his music, he is writing directly from his gut.

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