A Clunk Back & Forth with SQUID!

Hello Squid, thanks for taking the time for Clunk.

Tell us a bit about the band…….who does what?

Hello Clunk! We’re gradually quitting our respective day jobs to play a lot of low paid gigs in and outside the UK.

Ollie drums and sings at the same time, Louis plays guitar and sings, Laurie Nankivell VIII plays cornet and bass and Anton plays guitars and sings too. We do lots of swapping in between different tunes.

How did you folks get together and how come the name Squid?

We all used to live in Brighton and we would walk past this tiny jazz venue everyday. Turns out John Easterby who ran the place was up for letting us put on a series of improv / jazz / electronic nights. We’d invite all oll of our friends and it gave us a way to try out writing together. We can never really remember the actual reason behind the name but Squid came towards the end of a long conversation involving a lot of ridiculous band names.

You’re playing a few festivals this year. Any performers you are really looking forward to seeing?

Yeah! All of our favourite festivals and loads we’ve never been to. Especially looking forward to Kraftwerk at Blue Dot and Lewsberg at End of the Road. Ollie and I have been going there for years and always vowed that we’d eventually play there so it’s going to be very surreal. 

What was the last gig you went to?

Penelope Isles at Moth Club with the Mantis Opera supporting. Very Good show!

Really love The Dial and Houseplants. When is there going to be an album release by Squid? I want one now!

We’ve just finished recording an EP with Dan Carey which will hopefully be coming out early this Summer. None of us know when the album’s coming, but we think we might have started it…

On the Clunk HQ turntable this week has been PINS, Drenge, Snapped Ankles, Bodega, Sham 69 and the Stones. What have you folks been listening to in the last week?

I went along to the Big Thief U.F.O.F. listening party at a cinema in Homerton last week and I’m pretty sure it’s the best album I’ve heard in a really long time. We’re also really into Pozi, especially ‘KCTMO’. It’s fucking strong stuff and the instrumentation covers so many amazing textures.

Any chance of Squid getting up to Carlisle. A Squid/Haze double bill will go down a treat!

Oh yes, at some point definitely! Haze are a lovely bunch, Ollies hips sure do swing.

Thanks again Squid for chatting with Clunk.

No worries!

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