Belau….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

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Hello Belau, welcome to the Clunk Universe.

Please tell us a little about Belau, who does what? where is Belau based?

Belau is an electronica duo: Peter Kedves and Krisztian Buzas, in the live perfromances it’s a 4 piece band from Budapest, Hungary.

How long have you folks been making music? how did Belau come about?

Belau is a 5 years old band, but we know each other from age 10.

We love the latest album Colourwave. The album has many fabulous collaborations. How does Belau get the people that they want, or maybe they come to you?

It not only features one or two collaborations, actually it was the main concept for the ’Colourwave’ LP, to involve talented female artists from all over the world. This is not unusual from us, because we continued the same idea after the heartwarming success of the debut record. Here is the list of these wonderful women who features ’Colourwave’: Sophie Barker (ex-Zero7), Amahla, Belle Doron (CUT_), Yasaquarius, Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg (ex-Blue Foundation), Sophie Lindinger (Leyya), BÖBE, Saya Noé and Ayah Marar. Usually we write to the artists.

I would rather like to listen to Colourwave laying on a sandy beach with turquoise seas. It has a calming feel about it throughout. What do you think?

Me too.

I have read somewhere that Belau have performed around 200 times in over 20 countries in 3 years. For obvious reasons all that has come to a grinding halt. Are you looking to pick up that sort of pace again as soon as possible? Any plans for 2021?

Sure, we’ll release the Deluxe version of Colourwave album, with some remixes, new version, new song, etc… And would love to have our EU tour, if it’s finally possible.

Do you have any bands/artists that you recommend we have a listen to?

Sure, plenty of, that’s why we have a playlist:

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. Don’t forget to visit Carlisle!

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