Holy Drone…….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Please tell us about the band members……who does what, how long have you been together, how did you get together etc.?

We have Luke on drums, Louis plays bass, James and Dave with guitars and Emma with vocals and synth. I think it’s been about five years now we’ve been working together, we were playing with two different bands in the same rehearsal space and came together to make our own thing when we realised we had more complementary influences.

Holy Drone is an interesting name. How did it come about?

We’ve been through multiple name changes – we were playing as Danxia for a while but turns out no one can pronounce the name including us. We settled on the current name as we like the idea of droning sounds running through music like a ghost, it has a presence that you can’t always hear but keeps the atmosphere of a piece together in a particular space.

The latest release is called ‘Fibres’. What was the inspiration behind the song?

The track was written during a period in lockdown when the sun was shining and everyone around us was starting to gain a bit of optimism about the weird situation we all found ourselves in. We’d been listening to a lot of Cocteau Twins at the time and it came together very quickly.

Have you folks struggled through 2020 or has it been an opportunity to write and be inspired? Or a bit of both perhaps?

The first proper lockdown was difficult as we couldn’t physically be together to write/record. When it eased over summer we’ve had to make the most of the few chances we have had to get together, some of us furloughed and some of us working straight through. We’re looking forward to getting back to the old normal.

It’s rather difficult to plan for 2021 but are there any in place? A tour? Further releases?

We’ve definitely got more music to release in 2021, we were hoping to get back in the studio recently but the new national lockdown has put a stop to that. We have things we want to do but trying to plan anything at the moment is virtually impossible.

If you could play any venue in the world which would it be and which band/singer would you have on with you?

We’d love to play Levitation Festival in Austin. The bands they have on and the artwork/prints they produce are all amazing, something we can only dream of being a part of. If we could play with anyone it’d have to be the BJM or Slowdive.

Any hidden talents in the band, you know like solving the Rubik’s Cube in 6 seconds or a contortionist? That sort of thing.

Luke is pretty handy with a unicycle but he doesn’t like to brag.

If we come to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the entertainments committee!

We’d probably take you to YES in Manchester just off Oxford Road. They put on loads of great bands with multiple stages, a food hall on the ground floor, rooftop terrace and you can get a pint for three quid.

Are there any bands/performers that you recommend we have a listen to?

Local to Warrington we’re into Seagoth and also The Lotts. Further afield in Middlesbrough our friends in Sorry Escalator are making some sweet noise.

Thanks for taking the time with Clunk. Don’t forget to pencil in a gig in Carlisle some time.

Thanks for the questions and we’ll give you a shout if we’re up your way

Read about the latest release from Holy Drone here….


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