Diamonds In The Dark….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Hi Diamonds In The Dark……welcome to the Clunk universe

Hi Clunk thanks for having us.

Please tell us who does what in the band.

Our band consist of Paul Waters on (Vocals), Nick Jones and Josh Moore (Guitar), Charlie Whorton (Bass), Jake Massey (Keys/synth) and Graham Mcdonald (Drums).

How did you get together and what’s with the name?

Myself (Nick) and Paul were on doing a song writing session in the early days of our band and we were really struggling for a name to call the project. We had the idea of looking up race horses as their names are pretty creative, we really liked the name of the horse called ‘Diamondinthedark’ and so we did what any great scrabble player would do and add an ‘s’.

Can you describe your sound without using the names of other bands/artists?

We have quite a broad sound at the moment, I’d say falls on the spectrum of indie/synth/pop/rock.

There is the debut EP coming out at the end of May. A nicely packaged white vinyl as well as the digital option. Come on, tell us how excited you are.

Well we’ve been song writing since 2016 so it’s been a bit long journey for us. To see your songs go from a demo on an 8 track recorder to having songs that are at studio quality and pressed to vinyl really is something special for us and it’s such an incredible feeling for us to see it come to life as a physical product. Unfortunately due to the current climate our launch for our E.P has had to be push back to the 04/09/20.

Have you folks been creative during lockdown? Writing songs? Learning a new instrument? Baking cakes? Exercising with baked bean cans?

I don’t think anyone’s been exercising with baked beans unless Charlie isn’t telling us something. We’ve had a few pub quizzes on zoom and having casual drinks while watching the German football (it’s all we have at the moment!), but we’re talking online, also bouncing song ideas over to each other. We do that usually in garageband on our phone’s cause it’s easier to send song ideas to each-other and build on them.

Best TV theme out of Captain Scarlet, The Persuaders and UFO? Now you may have not heard the tunes so you have to do some listening research. Geddonit!

Josh has heard of Captain Scarlet but our favourite song was UFO. It almost sounds overly cliché for a show of that era but in a good way.

If we visit Merseyside where would you take us for a good day and night out?

If we’re going for a sesh, we go be Liverpool city centre there’s plenty of cool bars and pubs pretty close to each other. We usually go to a few old skool pubs we like ‘Ye Cracke’,  ‘The Pilgrim’ and ‘The Grapes’ great for beer and in the evening I tend to go to live music events at ‘The Jacaranda’, ‘Jimmys’ and if it is a really late one which it usually is, we’ll end up in ‘HeebieJeebies’ or ‘Modo’.

At Clunk HQ this week we’ve been listening to Big Thief, Tropical Fuck Storm, Marblmoon, Nina Simone, The Small Faces and Radiohead. What have you folks had your ears around?

Some excellent choices there, in fact Paul’s favourite album at the moment is ‘OK computer by Radiohead’. Josh is into prog rock and recommends  ‘Close to the Edge by Yes’ describing it a musical adventure. Charlie has been really into The Strokes new album ‘The New Abnormal’ so he recommends that. I’ve been listening to Japanese city pop ‘Casiopea’ on a self-titled album, it’s melodic funky jazz. Jakes been listening to ‘Khruangbin’ modern but a throwback to sort of disco/funk. Graham really likes the new ‘Tame Impala’ album ‘The slow rush’.

When you folks get back out on tour don’t forget to stop by Carlisle.

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk, hope to see you in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks for having us, we’ll make sure to make a pitstop when it’s safe to do so again.

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