Dana Gavanski’s lovely new EP Wind Songs. A few words….

The new EP by Dana Gavanski is now available, it’s titled ‘Wind Songs’. It’s made of cover songs and it’s rather lovely. Dana has made these songs hers with the arrangements and, of course, her distinctive vocals. The quintet of songs is led with the King Crimson number ‘I Talk To The Wind’, a stunning version that improves the original, although you may disagree! This is followed with the Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers song ‘At Last I Am Free’, a gorgeous rendition of the old Chic number. ‘Never Too Far’ is a cover of a Tim Hardin song with some rather lovely guitar. Side Two is made up of two songs. First  Jano Mome, the EP cover informs that this is a traditional Macedonian folk song and it showcases Dana’s vocal talent with no accompaniment. The EP comes to and end with Dana’s waltz like version of ‘The Kiss’ written by Judee Sill. My copy arrived on Friday and I gave it a listen as I relaxed in the sunshine, a perfect companion. It won’t matter where you listen just give it the attention that it deserves. It is a gorgeous listen. If you are new to Dana Gavanski perhaps you should check out her debut album, released earlier this year, called ‘Yesterday is Gone’. There is also a Clunk interview with Dana from the release of that album. You can check that out here:


You can listen/buy Wind Songs here


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