DeClunk Exclusive Yotam Ben Horin releases new single. Hear it, see it here.

Here’s a catchy little number to get your ears around called ‘In Between The Highs And Lows’. It’s by Yotam Ben Horin. There’s an album due on May 20th called Young Forever. See below for live dates, the video and song. We think you’re going to like it. This is what Yotam has to say

I wrote “In Between The Highs And Lows” at 2:00 am one night, I really liked the nonconventional count and felt that I was writing something closer to world music. When I hit the chorus, I started humming  “Amoeste Voi” to myself and tried to find words in English to replace that idea but I couldn’t think of anything that accented what I was hearing in my head. I decided to look it up and it just so happens that it means “I love you” in Galician so I kept it. The song deals with the ups and downs of being in a long distance relationship with someone whom you don’t speak the same language with.

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